• Facebook moves to block Taliban's WhatsApp accounts!

    Facebook moves to block Taliban's WhatsApp accounts!

    It's been four days since Kabul fell to the Taliban and social media giants are trying to figure out how to deal with the takeover of Afghanistan by the terror group.

    On Tuesday, Facebook banned accounts that were representing, supporting, or praising the Taliban from its platforms, including WhatsApp and Instagram, and said that it would remove "accounts maintained by or on behalf of the Taliban."

    WhatsApp accounts linked to the Taliban were blocked by Facebook on Tuesday just after the Terrorist Islamic group seized control of Afghanistan and sought to use the messaging service to help it govern.

    "The Taliban is sanctioned as a terrorist organization under US law and we have banned them from our services under our Dangerous Organization policies," a Facebook spokesperson told.

    A WhatsApp spokesperson said in an email to AFP that the company is required to follow US sanctions. "This includes banning accounts that appear to represent themselves as official accounts of the Taliban. We're seeking more information from relevant US authorities given the evolving situation in Afghanistan," the company said.