• Former Afghan religious scholar, Maulvi Mohammad Sardar Zadran arrested by the Taliban


    Kabul: Just days before the capture of Salima Mazari, one of the first woman governors of Afghanistan, the Taliban confirmed that they have arrested Maulvi Mohammad Sardar Zadran, the former head of the National Council of Religious Scholars of Afghanistan. After the confirmation, the Taliban also released a photo of him, in which he has been blindfolded.

    However, when the Afghan Political leaders had fled the country, Salima stayed on till the surrender of Balkh province, when her district of Chahar Kint fell to the Taliban.

    Earlier, it was reported that she came to the streets and openly challenged the Taliban that she will fight them. She also took up arms to fight with the Taliban. She tried everything to keep the Chahar kint in Balkh Province unscathed.

    The woman leader Salima, has been captured by the Taliban after the militants gained control over entire Afghanistan, say reports. The Afghan President Ashraf Ghani also fled the country.

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