• Germany's Vice-Chancellor Robert Hebeck warned that "Europe is on the verge of war"

    Digital Desk: Robert Hebeck, Germany's Vice-Chancellor and Economy Minister, has indicated the possibility of having war in Europe. In a Sunday discussion, he brought up one point.  The economy minister believes Europe is on the verge of war. Hebeck pointed to the greater armed forces facing each other in an interview with the RTL/NTV news station without elaborating. According to Germany's Vice-Chancellor Robert Hebeck, Europe's strong-armed forces may put it on the verge of conflict in the future. It has been proposed that Europe is on the ridge of war. He defined it as "very domineering" and "risky." "We may be on the verge of war in Europe. It is absolutely oppressive and threatening," Hebeck counted. Also Read: Centre sanctions Rs 26,275 crore project for modernization of police forces  The comment by Germany's Vice-Chancellor Robert Hebeck came as tensions between Russia and Ukraine continued to grow. Olaf Scholz, Germany's Chancellor, is pictured trying to de-escalate tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Olaf Scholz plans to visit both nations next week to de-escalate connections between two countries. Scholz is travelling when Western intelligence sources have alerted of a Russian strike on Ukraine, and Germany has asked that its residents leave the nation. Scholz is predicted to go to Kyiv on Monday to meet with Ukraine's president and Moscow on Tuesday to meet with Russia's president. Before departing for the travel, he was again cautioned regarding the possibility of a Russian invasion and was also encouraged to keep diplomatic efforts going. Simultaneously, escalating strains between Russia and Ukraine have put some airlines on high attention, stressing a battle. Since then, multiple airlines have withdrawn or delayed getaways to Ukraine due to the possibility of violence.  

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