• Haryana student denies leaving Ukraine, says will take care of owner's kids as he joins war

    Digital Desk: A medical student from Haryana, Ukraine, has decided to stay back at a time when hundreds of thousands of people are seeking to flee war-torn Ukraine and are making desperate attempts to enter into other countries for refuge. Even though she was chosen to be evacuated, a Haryana girl studying medicine in Ukraine has refused to leave the war-torn nation. According to a Facebook post published by a friend of the student's parents, the 17-year-old girl had rented a room with a Ukrainian family with three children. The house's owner volunteered to join the Ukrainian Army to fight for his nation in the current war with Russia. However, the girl elected to remain at home to help his wife and three children. "Whether I live or die, I will not abandon these children and their mother," Neha told her mother, a teacher in Haryana's Charkhi Dadri area. Neha's father, who served in the Indian Army, died a few years ago. She was accepted to a medical institution in Ukraine last year. She currently resides in a bunker with the house owner's wife and three children. Neha, an MBBS student, rented a room at the home of a construction engineer in Kyiv, Ukraine's capital because she couldn't find dormitory accommodations. "Neha got linked to the house-children," the owner claimed Savita Jakhar, a close friend of Neha's mother. She received warnings to flee the nation as the war loomed. Her mother worked feverishly to secure her daughter's escape. The youngster was finally given the option to cross into Romania, but she hesitated to leave the kind family she had been staying with at this vital time. "My friend made numerous attempts to call the embassy to get him out of there, but the girl refuses to return, leaving those three children and their mother alone in such trying circumstances. Despite her mother's best efforts, the girl is adamant about staying until the war. I'm curious as to what motivates the child to stick with his family during such a trying period ", wrote Savita in her blog entry. Her post has gone viral, with many people reading and sharing it and applauding the girl's bravery. Also Read: Ishan Kishan struck on head by bouncer; admitted to hospital

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