• Hijab, burqa, and niqab are emblems of tyranny: Taslima Nasreen

    Digital Desk: Bangladeshi author, Taslima Nasreen, adding to the ongoing debate on the issue of wearing hijab in schools, said in an interview with India Today TV that the hijab, burqa, and niqab are emblems of tyranny. Taslima Nasreen’s remark comes after the hijab dispute has spread throughout Karnataka and into other Indian states. The Karnataka High Court is currently hearing the case challenging the hijab prohibition in educational institutions. Taslima Nasreen speaking about the proposal for a uniform dress code in schools and universities, said, “I believe that right to education is about right to religion.” Moreover, she also questioned if wearing a hijab was necessary. “Some Muslims believe that wearing the hijab is mandatory, while others believe that it is not. However, some misogynists introduced the hijab in the 7th century since women were considered as sex objects at that period. They claimed that Men will have sexual urges if they look at women, so that’s why women are required to wear a hijab or burqa. They must conceal from men for their safety.” Taslima Nasreen said. “However, in our modern culture, in the twenty-first century, we have learned that women are equal human beings, and hence hijab, niqab, and burqa are symbols of oppression. Burqas, in my opinion, reduce women to their sexual parts.” she added. According to Taslima Nasreen, the hijab, niqab, or burqa demean both women and men. She also added that education is more essential than religion and that we should dress in a secular manner in a secular country. “In a secular state, we should establish a secular dress code in schools and institutions. Because education takes precedence before faith. People can hold religious views and practice them at home or elsewhere, but not in a secular institution.” said Taslima Nasreen. “The fundamental essence of secularism has no relationship with religion. Secularism is that the state must be detached from religion everywhere in the civilized world, and that the law should be based on equality rather than religion.” Moreover, Taslima Nasreen stated, “A person’s identity should not be their religious identity.” Also Read: Karnataka Hijab Row: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra: Bikini, ghoonghat, jeans or hijab – it’s woman’s right to decide what she wears

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