• It's too early to comment anything on Taliban: Indian Government

    It's too early to comment anything on Taliban: Indian Government

    New Delhi: Taliban has made its move into Afghanistan and is emphasizing complete control in the nation. When asked, India has stated that's it's too early to say anything on recognition of the Taliban.

    The up-to-date conference with Taliban leadership in Doha should be viewed just like a conference, the Ministry of External Affairs stated on Thursday.

    The MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi on the question of recognizing the Taliban, stated, "Let us view the Doha conference for what it is. It is simply a meeting, and I believe these are yet very immediate days. I don't have more on that."

    New Delhi stated that its chief concern is that Afghan land should not be practiced for terrorism against India.

    "Our concern is not that the Taliban is a terror organization or not. Our focus is that Afghan land should not be accepted in anti-India exercises and terrorism against India. We will concentrate on that factor, " MEA spokesperson stated.

    The MEA has further confirmed that there is no formal suggestion on government structure in Afghanistan and categorically stated that there is no invitation to India.

    "We are not informed of the invite. I have seen media stories on government formation. We don't have any update on the invitation 'and neither could I share the nature of which government could work in Afghanistan," Bagchi replied.

    As per Afghanistan's media statements, the Taliban has stated that it would create a general government in the next two days, and arrangements are undertaken at the administrative palace in Kabul.

    India has further hinted that the evacuation process may restart once Kabul airport continues operations.

    "We are prioritizing evacuation of our citizens and some Afghans. Currently, Kabul airport is not operational, so I don't have any update on when. We will visit the matter once Kabul airport resumes and continue until the Afghan cell proceeds to work," MEA continued.