• Joe Biden Warns Kabul Airport Attackers: 'We Will Hunt You Down'

    Joe Biden Warns Kabul Airport Attackers: 'We Will Hunt You Down'

    Washington: Eyes closed, voice cracking, President Joe Biden physically reflected the terrible slaying of the 13 US service officers by the suicide bombers of the Taliban during the Kabul desperate evacuation.

    Before talking to the media about the bloody twist in Afghanistan, Biden bowed his head for a moment of silence and was close to tears when he spoke about the dead heroes who shed their lives in the Kabul attack. Biden's presidency has been shaken to the core by the bombing at Kabul's airport but has promised the attackers, "we will hunt you down.”

    On Thursday, in Washington, the White House proudly announced the remarkable figures of more than 95,000 people has been bought safely back to the US, but then the bombs went off.

    Shutting himself away, Biden canceled a meeting of state governors and told visiting Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett would have to wait until Friday.

    US President has vowed that the United States will not spare them and will carry out strikes against the group responsible for the bombings. "To those who carried out this attack…know this: We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay," Biden said on Thursday.