• Kabul: Hundreds of women disappeared from Kabul's Shahr-e-Naw park

    Kabul: Hundreds of women disappeared from Kabul's Shahr-e-Naw park

    New Delhi: Hundreds of women who flee from their villages to escape the war between the Afghan soldiers and Taliban militants had taken shelter at Shahr-e-Naw park in Kabul, have to disappear asserted Naved (name changed), an Afghan citizen living in New Delhi.

    Naved told ANI, "Taking the whole responsibility, I am saying that hundreds of women who had taken shelter at Kabul's Shahr-e-Naw park have disappeared. For the last seven days, the family members searching for them, but they couldn't find them. This is the ongoing situation in Taliban."

    Naved, who left his homeland around eight years back, still has a good source of information in Afghanistan. He was linked with a private American security firm that engaged local citizens to pass the information.

    Further, the Afghan citizen stated gunfire, airstrike, and bombardment were not a new thing for the Afghans as they are used to it from an early age; however, they didn't imagine leaving their own country.

    Naved added, "In Afghanistan, youth's life is always at stake, especially the women class. Taliban militants enter into the homes, forcefully take away the young women.

    "All such incidents have been happening from the last several years, but the government kept silent," Naved added.

    "Who should be held responsible for all this incident in Afghanistan" questioned Naved.

    Naved expressing his anger towards the Afghan President he said, "Today Afghanistan is captured by the Taliban's for which people are forced to flee from their motherland. President Ashraf Ghani should be held the most responsible for it."

    "All this didn't happen overnight. They capture one after another province, and the Afghan government did nothing," added Naved.