• Nine year old kid runs away from home, gets onto a plane and travels 2700 km from home, learned ever

    Nine year old kid runs away from home, gets onto a plane and travels 2700 km from home, learned ever

    Nine year old kid runs away from home

    Digital Desk: The internet is a vast repository of information that everyone on the planet may use to acquire new skills. One nine year old gleaned a bit too much information from the internet to pull off something that astonished his parents. Emanuel Marques de Oliveira, the nine year old child, ran away from home, snuck onboard an aircraft, and traveled 2,700 kilometers on his own. When the boy was reported missing in the city of Manaus, Brazil, on the morning of February 26th, he did not have a flight ticket. Fortunately, authorities quickly apprehended him and returned safely to his home. The story of how I sneaked out and boarded an aircraft without a ticket has gone viral. "I awoke around 5.30 am, went to his room, and found him sleeping properly. Then I fiddled with my phone a little more before getting up again at 7.30 am, and that's when I realised he wasn't in his bedroom anymore, and I began to worry" Daniele, the mother, stated. Also Read: Employees of Nagaon and Cachar paper mills mount protest When she eventually got a call from the authorities concerning her son's whereabouts, she was told that he was on the other side of the nation. According to local media, it is unclear how the small kid managed to get onboard a LATAM Airlines aircraft unannounced and without a ticket. After the event, Manaus airport administration launched an investigation, and local police sought security cameras to determine how the youngster travelled. "A minor was identified on flight LA3168 (Manaus-São Paulo/Guarulhos), on Saturday afternoon (26/2), which disembarked at 9.09 pm. In Guarulhos, the company called the Federal Police and the Guardianship Council, which sent him to a shelter to await the necessary procedures for his return to Manaus," LATAM Airlines said in a statement.