• Pakistan hands back 2 Indian nationalists who were jailed for 8 years

    Pakistan hands back 2 Indian nationalists who were jailed for 8 years

    Lahore: Two Indian nationals, who were arrested, and kept in a Pakistani jail, for over 8 years due to “illegal border crossing” have been handed over to border force personnel at the Wagah border.

    In 2013, the Indian nationals named Sharma Rajput and Ram Buhadar were taken into custody by the Pakistan Rangers for entering Pakistan’s territory at The Line of Control (LOC) from Kashmir.

    Later, it was found, that the two are mentally unstable and had crossed the border unintentionally.

    Pictures and credentials of the accused were shared with India and after admitting them as their citizens, they were handed over to the BSF on Monday.

    Around 19 Indians from different parts of the country were arrested by the Pakistani authorities for alleged spying and illegal border crossing and the cases are still pending with the federal review board.

    They were arrested under the Security Act and Secret Services Act of the country and were kept in different jails.

    Their chargers were presented by the federal interior ministry and were produced before the Federal Review Board comprising judges of the Superior Court.

    The detention was extended by the board till the decision on their cases are made based on the investigation report of the interior ministry on whether they should be set free or should face trial.