• Russia Imposes a partial ban on Facebook access

    Digital Desk: Russian government imposed a "partial ban" on Facebook access on Friday after the social media network restricted the accounts of several Kremlin-backed media outlets in response to Moscow's invasion of Ukraine. Roskomnadzor, Russia state communications watchdog, on Friday demanded that Facebook lift the limitations it imposed on state news agency RIA Novosti, state television channel Zvezda, and pro-Kremlin news sites Lenta.Ru and Gazeta.Ru on Thursday. According to Roskomnadzor, the accounts were restricted by designating their content as untrustworthy and applying technical limits on search results to reduce the readership of the publications on Facebook. Roskomnadzor announced Friday that it would impose a "partial limitation" on Facebook without specifying what this entails. Roskomnadzor described its actions as "steps to defend Russian media" in an official statement. According to the report, Russia's Foreign Ministry and the Prosecutor General's office found Facebook "complicit in violations of fundamental human rights and freedoms, as well as Russian nationals' rights and freedoms." Also Read: Why Russia invaded Ukraine?

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