• Taliban finalizes government, invites Pakistan, China, Russia and others to attend the ceremony


    Kabul: In the recent development, the Taliban have invited several countries, including Pakistan, Russia and China, to attend the ceremony of Afghanistan’s formation of the new government.

    Notably, these three countries are still operating their embassies in the Central Asian countries that the terror group has taken over on August 15.

    A pro-Taliban in its Twitter handle wrote, “The Islamic Emirates have invited Qatar, China, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey and Iran to attend the new government ceremony.”

    The tweet came after the Taliban claimed to capture the last battlefront in Afghanistan, Panjshir valley.

    Meanwhile, in a press conference, on Monday, Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid stated, “As the war has come to end, they hope that Afghanistan will be stable in the coming days.”

    “But anyone who takes up arms in future they will be termed as enemy of the people and the country.” Added the spokesperson.

    Further, stressing about peace in the war-torn country, the spokesperson said, “Raider will never reconstruct our country hence it is the responsibility of the countrymen to it by themselves.”

    Moreover, the Taliban also informed that technical teams from Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Turkey are working to restart the operations at Kabul airport.

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