• Taliban stopped imports and exports from India, says FIEO DG

    Taliban stopped imports and exports from India, says FIEO DG

    Kabul: As per reports, the Taliban have put on hold all imports and exports with India. This suspension of shipping came after the Taliban entered Kabul.

    Dr Ajay Sahai, Director General (DG) of Federation of Indian Export Organisation (FIEO), said that the Taliban had ended cargo transportation through Pakistan's transit tracks, thereby stopping imports from the nation.

    "We keep a tight watch on progress in Afghanistan. Imports from there come through the transportation route of Pakistan. As of now, the Taliban has held the transfer of cargo to Pakistan, so essentially imports have ended," said FIEO DG.

    India has long-standing relationships with Afghanistan, particularly in commerce. India has a huge investment in Afghanistan.

    "In particular, we are one of the most extensive allies of Afghanistan. Our exports to Afghanistan are worth about USD 835 million for 2021. In addition, we shipped assets worth about USD 510 Million."

    "However, besides the business, we have a sizeable stake in Afghanistan. We have invested about USD 3 billion in Afghanistan, and there are 400-odd schemes in Afghanistan, some of which are currently working on," Sahai stated.

    Sahai also said India has good relationships with Afghanistan in business. Currently, the Indian export outline adds sugar, pharmaceuticals, clothes, tea, beverage, seasonings and communication towers. 

    "Imports for India are relevant and mostly reliant on dry products. We additionally import a few gum and onions from them," FIEO DG stated.

    "I am positive over some time Afghanistan will further understand that economic growth is the only means to move ahead. So they will proceed with that kind of business. I think the new regime will like to have state legitimacy, and for that, India's part will display essential for them too," DG FIEO stated.

    Federation of India Export Organisation revealed concern that dry fruit rates may go up in the following days due to the disorder in Afghanistan. India is carrying about 85% of dry products from Afghanistan.