• WeChat blocks several LGBT accounts as CPC Tightens Grip On Social Media: China


    Beijing: Chinese social media platform, WeChat has deleted numerous accounts of LGBT, which were usually run by university students, sparking concern of crackdown on gay content.

    LGBT rights advocates objected on social media the unexpected closing of these accounts, which the firm stated, were withdrawn following "receiving relevant complaints," stated CNN.

    Various participants posted screenshots of the report, which they underwent when they attempted to enter the accounts.

    "After receiving relevant complaints, all content has been blocked, and the account has been put out of service," the notice indicated, symbolizing violation of government guidance on the administration of open online accounts.

    China decriminalized homosexuality in 1997 and lifted it from its approved list of psychic dysfunctions in 2001.

    Yet same-sex marriage is still banned in the nation, and people who recognize as LGBT advance to face differences in both private and professional provinces.

    Chinese officials have contracted administration of prospects that are not in line with established procedures or conditions.

    The blocking of WeChat accounts triggered outrage on Chinese social media. "The era is regressing. China wasn't like this ten years ago. Gradually we're losing all our freedoms," stated a remark on Weibo.

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