• Woman goes into 'surprise labour pain', delivers a healthy baby

    Woman goes into 'surprise labour pain', delivers a healthy baby

    United Kingdom: A woman got the biggest shock of her life when she went through a surprise labour pain at a cocktail night party in the UK.

    The contraction came as a surprise to the 23-year-old Lavinia Stanton who had no idea that a baby was growing inside her.

    Stanton told media persons that at 10 pm, she experienced light cramps when she was out with her friends. Later, when she went to her home, her pain and contractions worsened with time.

    At around 2 am, Stanton got the biggest shock of her life when her doctor confirmed that she was in labour and about to give birth to a baby.

    Reportedly, the woman gave birth to her first child via C-section surgery.

    As per the statement of Stanton, she didn't even have any clue that she was an eight-and-a-half-month pregnant woman.

    She said, "I had no visible bump in my belly and had periods throughout the pregnancy."
    "I also had two negative pregnancy tests just weeks before my baby was born," added Stanton.

    Further speaking about her unusual pregnancy, Stanton asserted that she had gained a little weight, which she thought was due to lockdown eating.

    "I am in shock. I genuinely had no idea, neither did anyone else. I hadn't experienced any symptoms of pregnancy. No morning sickness, no kicking in the tummy, nothing, how it could be possible." said Stanton.

    Moreover, Stanton claims that she did not have a pregnant woman's belly but just went up one dress size.

    Lavinia Stanton is not only the woman who experiences surprise pregnancy. Earlier, Lavinia Mounga gave to a baby on a flight to Hawaii.