• Not India! This country to offer three days 'menstrual leave' every month


    Reportedly, one-third of women experience severe period pain, known as dysmenorrhea.

    Digital Desk: Women who have severe period cramps every month will find relief by reading this news, as they will be allowed to take menstrual leaves for up to three days a month. However, this is only good news for women who work and live in Spain. Yes, that's true! According to a reform plan set to be passed by Spain's cabinet next week, the country will become the first Western country to provide period leaves, allowing women to take days off during their period. Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, and Zambia are among the countries that already have taken this initiative. 

    According to the Spanish Gynaecology and Obstetrics Society, one-third of women experience severe period pain, known as dysmenorrhea. Extreme cramping that occurs before or during a woman's menstrual period is one of the symptoms. It also includes symptoms such as headaches, diarrhoea, fever, and stomach pain.

    "If someone has a sickness with such symptoms, a temporary limitation is allowed; therefore, the same should happen with menstruation – allowing a woman with an extremely painful period to stay at home," Angela Rodriguez, the secretary of state for equality, was quoted by El Periodico newspaper.

    The bill is expected to be adopted by the Spanish government next week, according to the Cadena Ser radio programme. It will be approved at Tuesday's cabinet meeting in Spain.

    Meanwhile, as the news spread, people began to respond on social media.

    "I can definitely see a lot of women needing and appreciating that. My girlfriend gets some pretty bad ones every so often, she's passed out on occasion because of it. If it helps women be more comfortable and safe when mother nature decides to flip them off, I'm all for it." wrote one user. 

    "This is a real issue. Not only does slcan a menstrual cycle cause severe pain, but it can also effect your mental state. Its hard to focus, be coherente, the pain is all-consuming. This offering should bebfor all countries," another netizen wrote. 

    Besides the leaves, the reform plan will also improve the availability of sanitary pads and tampons. The value-added tax will also be removed from product prices. Moreover, sanitary pads will be provided to the students. Aside from that, the policy will attempt to distribute these things for free to individuals in socially underprivileged conditions.


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