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Is Assam the next target for TMC to expand its footprints in Northeast?

Guwahati: The All India Trinamool Congress (TMC) plans to expand its footprints in different parts of the Northeast. Lately, the treads of TMC can be visible to be highly active in Tripura and Meghalaya. 

Earlier this year, sources have already hinted that TMC has planned highly to get into the lands of Tripura, Meghalaya, and Assam. TMC’s plan is turning into reality through the recent instances of Meghalaya and Tripura.

This time, the ruling party made it through the elections by pushing votes by utilizing CAA motives and sensibilities. However, the scenario of Hindu-Bengali sentiments might take a turn with the outspoken angnikanya of the TMC party. The scenario might shift in the next upcoming assembly elections.

The upcoming legislative assembly elections for Tripura and Meghalaya are scheduled for 2023. But, the drive for strengthening its footprints in the Northeast has already begun by TMC.

Lately, around 12 Congress MLAs joined TMC in Meghalaya. This development has brought a significant drawback for the Congress party. Such shifts development indicates the failure of Congress party high-commands in maintaining their candidates.

Is it because of the failures of Congress leaders at the national platform, or because of the negligence of a party as a strong opposition? 

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TMC has turned out to be a notable substitute for disappointed Congress candidates in the Northeast now. Most candidates cannot possibly choose to enter the ruling party due to the mismatch of ideologies they hold. Therefore, there is a major shift of Congress MLAs entering TMC in Meghalaya.

TMC has planned earlier to expand its footprints in the Northeast. Are they planning to target Assam next after making a significant mark on Tripura and Meghalaya lately?

As per sources, some of the significant politicians from the opposition party are in talks with TMC leaders from Assam. The ruling party has already built up a strong base in Assam. But, can it be said that the strong base of BJP in Assam is because of not having a strong opposition party to contest in the assembly elections?



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