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Kim Jong Un bans leather jackets in North Korea; know why

South Korea: North Korea’s latest reports show the power and uniqueness of its leader. North Korean officials are occupied with ordering citizens to stop wearing discount leather jackets that look like the high-end coats that Kim Jong Un has been snapped wearing.

“Officials in North Korea are cracking down on citizens wearing leather trench coats,” Radio Free Asia, a U.S.government-funded news operation with extensive sources in North Korea, reported. 

They’re stating, “it is disrespectful to copy the fashion preferences of the country’s leader.”

Leather trench coats in North Korea became fashionable in 2019. The wealthy initially tried genuine leather jackets shipped from China. However, clothing manufacturers started importing counterfeit leather to manufacture them in the United States.

The markets of North Korea soon started selling those counterfeit leather jackets. Youths were seen wearing synthetic leather slickers. However, poeple who are wearing these jackets are facing issues now.

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According to Radio Free Asia, the police stated that wearing costumes created to resemble the ‘Highest Dignity’ is an improper trend. It also notified that fake garment versions first started appearing in September when unofficial trade between China and North Korea was resumed following a shut-down throughout the Covid period.

Officials have asked citizens not to wear leather coats. The party directive will decide who could wear the coats in the country.

The leather jackets have been adopted in North Korea for a while, especially after South Korean actor Jang Dong-gun wore them in the early 2000s.



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