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Kuladhar Saikia comments on recent controversy over Assamese and Bengali language

Guwahati: Axom Sahitya Sabha (ASS) president Kuladhar Saikia presented his remarks on the recent controversies on Assamese and Bengali languages.

Saikia stated that two or four persons were working against the peace and harmony of the communities. Such conflicts can be settled through the provisions of the Language Act.

He further stated that the healthy cooperation of the people could create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. People should bring a sense of unity among themselves. These initiatives will help in the further development of the Assamese language. 

Assam Sahitya Sabha on Monday has organized a special memorial program for the eminent writer Mamoni Raisom Goswami on her 10th death anniversary. 

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In this program, there is a lively discussion on the works and accomplishments of renowned writer Mamoni Raisom Goswami.

In the event, President Saikia has said that the participation of the youths in the program indicates a good sign for further development. 

He has also informed people regarding the initiative of Assam Sahitya Sabha in the context of the digitalization of the language. Assam Sahitya Sabha has taken up a project to upgrade the digitalization of the Assamese language. 

The digitalization of the Assamese language plan will further preserve old texts of Assamese literature. This project will enhance the present and coming generations knowledge regarding the language. Digitalization of the language further provides a way for language preservation and research works.



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