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In approx 1228 AD, the Tai Ahom dynasty was established in Assam.

They originally came from Myanmar. Unfortunately, in an attack in 1638 AD by the Mughal dynasty, the Ahoms lost and took a hit in the war. In 1658 AD, Aurangzeb became the Mughal supremo in 1661 AD, he sent his two trusted generals Mir Jumla and Diler Khan, to Assam to expand the empire.

The unity and bonding which was the silent yet powerful weapon of the Ahoms, were now weak and the Mughals beat them at some interval of time, few Ahom forts went under Mughal control without even a resistance.

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The then Ahom king Jywadhaj Singha had to retreat and lose a big area to Mughals from his territory he lost his power and position and had to sacrifice his daughter in Mughal Harem. He could not withstand this humiliating defeat and soon died after.

After the death of Jywadhaj Singha, Chakradhwaj Singha announced his claim to the throne of Ahom Kingdom thus, the era of Lachit Borphukan starts from here.

Lachit Borphukan was born on 24th November; Lachit Borphukan had a keen interest in the works related to administration from his early childhood and with immense dedication and sincerity, he could secure a senior position in the Ahom ministry.

On the one hand, he had to face many challenges after becoming Borphukan, a huge united Mughal army who had experienced and brave generals like Shaiste Khan and Diler Khan and, on the other hand, broken dejected Ahom army. He decided to train and fill the Ahom soldiers with energy and a sense of bravery to organize the broken army for the next several years.

Soon after he became Borphukan, he decided to upgrade the army strategies, strengths, weapons and build the forts to withstand the firepower of the Mughal Canons. He led the battle of Saraighat when he was 49 in the year 1671 and fought bravely to safeguard his motherland from foreign invasions.

Today, every Assamese will instill his patriotism, courage, hard work, intellect, honesty, and dedication on his birth anniversary. Lachit, one of the characters of Assam history, has inspired the people of Assam for ages with patriotism, valor and courage. Lachit Barphukan was given all support by all sections of the people of Assam while fighting against the enemy. Everyone was up to the strength and the capacity to protect Assam from foreign enemy clutches. Lachit Barphukan followed just one religion- Patriotism and love for mother earth.



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