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Lemon juice in Coffee helps lose weight, really?

Guwahati: A new fad among diet conscious netizens is fast catching up pace in the world of nutrition. This new trend first spotted on TikTok suggests that adding a dash of lemon juice in black coffee helps those extra fats from your body. Called ‘lemon coffee’, many TikTok users claim they have lost weight within seven days of its consumption.

The trend has been doing the rounds on social media ever since a fake video started circulating and many reviewers said that they have found positive results after following the trend, while few others have reported this to be fake and misleading.

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First understanding the work these two items present. Coffee a stimulant, helps speed up metabolism, and improve mood, lemons promote satiety, reduce the amount of daily calorie intake, are a great source of Vitamin C and can also prevent damage caused by free radicals. “Mixing citric acid with milk makes the entire beverage anti-nutrient. Hence adding little lemon juice in milk-free coffee is harmless for a healthy person. But kidney patients are strictly advised not to consume it,” said Dr Parmeet kaur, senior dietician, Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Gurugram.

It is a known fact that adding lemon in any milky substance such as in hot beverages proves disastrous. Though each of the items – Coffee and lemon have been proved to help lose weight and make our immune system stronger, yet the combination of the two may seem more detrimental.

Moreover, people who have acidity problem should directly avoid the two. Instead of helping, the combo might cause further problems of absorption of calcium and iron by our bodies. When coffee and lemon are combined, the two can work in opposite manner.

For effective weight loss, it is essential to consume a healthy and calorie deficit diet in addition to regular exercising.


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