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‘Let men take a peg and go to sleep’ Minister in controversy after this statement

Chhattisgarh: Minister for women and child welfare Anila Bhediya triggered a controversial note among the netizens. The minister remarked that village women should let men “take a peg and go to sleep” to remain stress-free.

Women and Child Welfare Minister of Chhattisgarh Anila Bhedia asked men to put a small peg and sleep to remain stress-free. 

She said that women get tired and feel stressed by doing housework throughout the day, so men are requested to drink a small amount and go to sleep to avoid stress. After this strange advice of the Minister, she has come under controversy.

On Wednesday, the Minister, who reached Singhola village of Balod district, had received many complaints from women regarding alcoholism. 

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Many village women reported to her that ever since the government allowed villagers to make homemade liquor, its consumption in the village has increased further. Women feel mentally stressed because they have to look after the home and family, Anila said, addressing the village menfolk: ‘ Thodi thodi pi lia karo aur so jaya karo (drink a little and go to sleep).’ 

Later, she clarified and said her statement was being ‘twisted.’ ‘This is political mischief,’ she said. ‘I was addressing men addicted to liquor should drink less. Women have to face a lot of mental pressure due to the responsibilities of home and children.



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