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Let’s Heal: Covid 19 pandemic and its repercussions on mental health

Let’s Heal! The last two years have been the years of breaking apart, getting back and healing again. The deadly coronavirus pandemic brought lives almost to a standstill. Mental health concerns elevated the top shot, especially during these two years of Covid19.

Things were going great. Ricky just started his business. He was happy and elevated for his new journey. The flowers on the front door of his shop looked grand. And then Covid knocked on the doors. The flowers turned grey, and business shut down for night curfews and lockdown. Dreams shattered on its opening grounds. Mental health went through the most arduous phase like never before.

Individuals all around the world felt the urge of taking good care of mental health. Have you lost your job? OH! that’s painful. ‘Survival of the fittest’ turned practical for most of us.

Christmas shopping are always the best way to boost up mood. Nadam planned to go out shopping in the coming days, and the news started flashing her televison windows. “People are dying, the virus is deadly”, said the news reporter.

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Just one month later, the message beeped on her phone. It was her boss. The message read, “Nadam, we are sorry to inform you we have to close our firm. We are going into loss. The pandemic is overtaking business and lives. Thank you for your service.”

Its not just a single Nadam who recived such messages. There were many such of a kind. Mental health went through the most arduous phase like never before once again.

People were dying. The pictures of cremation grounds seemed like a huge bonfire. No places were left in graveyards. Thousand of individuals left the world without receiving proper last rites. How pathetic can a dead turn out to be?

Ashmita was writing her mid-term exams in the university. The professor entered the examination hall and made an announcement. He said, “We kindly request all the students in the campus to vacate their hostels and leave for their respective homes. The virus is deadly and we are at risk.”

Everyone in the examination hall for a moment felt the utmost happiness. The exams got cancelled. Days passed, and the pandemic showed its cruel grimaces. Education shattered and things turned into virtual. Students gradually went through mental health issues. To cope with the new world of the education system, delayed exams and changes in daily lifestyle brought severe problems for students during Covid 19. Mental health went through the most arduous phase like never before again.

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This pandemic has caused a major impact on health issues for all. Several associations, also health and frontline operators, scholars, individuals residing alone, and those with pre-existing mental health situations, have been especially affected.

But, optimism stands beside all. There is always hope residing in us. This hope brings self-awareness and strength to build up again. This World Health Day lets care of ‘mental health in an unequal world.’ This pandemic has caused different issues for all, and everyone needs support and care to overcome them.

So there is always an option for all to talk to others, open up their grudges, depression thoughts and anxieties. Speaking up heals, and the best thing about bad times is that it passes by.



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