• Bhindi: Unlocking health benefits of Lady's Finger for diabetic patients


    Guwahati: Bhindi or popularly known as Lady’s Finger might be one of the few vegetables which is relished across the country and globe. The lady’s finger has been known to lowering blood sugar levels. This simple, spindle shaped vegetable has been used in cuisines across Turkey, eastern Mediterranean civilizations for blood sugar control.

    It is mentioned in Ayurvedic texts speaking volumes about ‘Bhindi’ as very nourishing vegetable which is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. It also has low caloforif value – only 30 Kcals/100 gms.

    Lady’s Finger pods have been used as an infusion for controlling blood sugars. The pods are used to make a powder which is then incorporated in the diet. A number of lab studies have suggested positive effects of lady’s finger in controlling raised blood sugar levels.

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