• How effective is Rabri-Jalebi as an Ayurvedic migraine remedy? Know Here

    How effective is Rabri-Jalebi as an Ayurvedic migraine remedy? Know Here
    As per Ayurveda, migraine is caused by vata dosha, which can be alleviated by consuming rabri jalebi in...

    Digital Desk: Ayurveda practitioners can assist you in combating lifestyle disorders caused by poor diet, lack of sleep, and insufficient physical activity. While they promote making lifestyle changes to aid with various illnesses, they also emphasise that one's body composition can play a significant influence in one's ability to deal with various chronic issues.

    Recently witnessing a video clip from ayurvedic practitioner Dr Mihir Khatri outlining how the exquisite dessert combination rabri-jalebi can even serve as an ayurvedic therapy for a select people suffering from migraine, a sort of moderate to severe one-sided headache. 

    Dawn, according to him, is related to vata (air and space elements), which causes discomfort. Because jalebi and rabri are "kaphavardhaka aahar," or dosha balancers, they can help with migraine symptoms.
    "Serve hot jalebi with rabri. But only for 1-3 weeks," said Dr Khatri.

    Those with diabetes or lactose intolerance, on the other hand, should avoid it totally, he says. 

    Dr Avantika Krishna Killa, naturopathy physician and founder of Panchatattva, stated that casein, a type of protein, is one of the potential causes of migraine headaches. Casein found in dairy and dairy products is a primary trigger for most chronic conditions, especially for people with a leaky gut.

    According to licenced dietitian Garima Goyal, no food or beverage should be recommended based only on a claim without adequate human studies.

    Furthermore, she listed several downsides of this combination: 

    Causes chronic diseases - Making jalebis with refined wheat flour or maida is an unhealthy alternative. This is because processed wheat contains only simple sugar and no fibre. Eating this daily can lead to a variety of chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypercholesterolemia, high blood pressure, and so on.

    However, having it first thing in the morning may cause constipation due to a lack of fibre, according to Goyal. 

    Diabetics and pre-diabetics should avoid this pairing: Most people are unaware that they are susceptible to diabetes and that their blood sugar levels are dangerously low.

    As a result, this combination can be exceedingly dangerous because it contains sugar syrup, which makes the jalebis extremely calorie-dense. According to Goyal, taking it first thing in the morning may cause blood sugar levels to surge, causing more harm than good. 

    What can be done to assist in releasing Migraine Pain:

    Dr. Killa proposed the following

    1| Avoiding the 7 C's (caffeine, carbonated drinks, casein, chocolates, cheese, citrus, and curd). Also avoid MSG-contained food, fermented meals, marinated foods, sugar, red wine, and so forth.

    2| "Take a hot foot bath with ice cold compress for the head for 30 minutes before bedtime and eat a banana simultaneously. This is a basic medicine that has a blood derivative effect, causing vasoconstriction of the vessels in the head region and the release of serotonin, which is good for whole-body relaxation and improved sleep," Dr Killa explained.

    3| Drink plenty of water: Any type of headache can be avoided by staying hydrated.