• Study says 'Delta Variant can Transmit during Presymptomatic period': Insights

    Study says 'Delta Variant can Transmit during Presymptomatic period': Insights

    With the emerging cases of Delta Variant, added insight has taken paces in the study section. Delta Variant is one of the major wide-spreading variants under coronavirus.

    Under a new study released by the journal Nature, individuals suffering from the deadly Delta variant can transmit the virus before experiencing the symptoms.

    This study brings a major concern for the victims and the entire health and wellness sector team. The study reveals that Presymptomatic transmission was the earlier variant of Covid19. However, the gap within obtaining a positive test to feeling symptoms was simply 0.8 days. With the Delta variant, it's 1.8 days.

    Therefore, the study reveals that approximately three-quarters of the Delta variant's diseases occur mostly during the Presymptomatic transmission period. 

    "The Delta strain is more deadly, in part, because infected people carry and shed more disease than earlier variants," stated Dr Stefen Ammon, medical director of the COVID-19 Task Force for DispatchHealth, an on-demand healthcare service.

    "While the previous variant of corornavirus was as transmissible as the regular flu, the Delta variant is severe in transmissible than regular disease, polio, flu, and is as infectious as chickenpox," he continued.

    The new study in the realm of medical science and coronavirus brings additional concerns. These deadly infections of Covid-19 make individuals more cautious about their health issues.