• The 'WINEding' effect: Brighter side of Alcoholsutra

    The 'WINEding' effect: Brighter side of Alcoholsutra

    OH! Look, its wine O'clock to read about the comforting prospects of alcohol in your life. Alcohol sounds shaded for most of us as it has got the darker side to reveal. You will see ads howling over the market concerning the disadvantages of alcohol. Now that you are already familiar with the darker aspects Let's dig into some of the benefits of alcohol in our daily lives.

    Overconsumption of alcohol can affect your health severely. However, consumption of a moderate amount of alcohol can bring some break in the clouds.

    Decreasing the risk of developing and dying of heart disease
    Perhaps reduce your chance of ischemic stroke.
    Possibly reducing your risk of diabetes.
    However, one should be sure about taking and maintaining a good diet for a healthy life. So, lets' have some more insight into the benefits of consuming alcohol as per major study reports.

    Red wine is the key factor for all those who are worried about their weight gain. A study from Oregon State University unveiled that the dark red grapes found in some types of red wine could benefit individuals with obesity and a metabolic fatty liver due to a chemical called ellagic acid.

    Season change and weather transformation bring the issue of cold and cough. As per the reports of research in the American Journal of Epidemiology, the antioxidants in red wine could assist you to decrease your chance of a virus causing cold and cough.

    Bring on your strength of recalling things for the long-term. A 2015 study by Texas A&M University discovered resveratrol, a compound located in the skin of red grapes, can enhance vision and cognitive function.

    If you are thinking that workout means completely biding goodbye to your beers. You will be amazed to know that a Spanish study recommends an ice-cold beer after a workout. It states that the beer can hydrate you just as well as water, making it okay to take a happy hour following an excessive sweating session.

    The brain is the hub for all thoughts and actions. In 2015, the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry stated that a compound seen in a beer named xanthohumol could shield brain cells from damage, reducing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease growth.

    Are you facing problems picking up your pen from the ground? So you are into bone pain. So get yourself a glass of beer and strengthen your bones. According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Beer's high silicon compound is liable for increased bone thickness.

    The pain of kidney stones is a severe concern. But, a study from the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology determined that beer can assist you to lessen the risk of kidney stones by 30%. So, you have a solution out here.

    Studies recommend that individuals who intake moderate alcohol are less prone to develop diabetes than those who take too much or nill. However, there is always a grey side to every aspect. In the case of alcohol, the grey side seems stronger than the brighter side. So, the magician is you. You have to turn the table without splitting the grains of risk.