• Mango Maggi! Netizens are horrified by the Bizarre Combination


    Digital Desk:The summer season calls for indulging in some delectable mangoes. But after watching this video of a new kind of street food, your eagerness to eat mangoes as well as Maggi will slowly fade away or simply jump from the nearest window.

    Shared on Instagram by a food vlogging page called ‘The Great Indian Foodie", the video shows the making of Mango Maggi! The video starts with a woman preparing the Maggi. She adds a lot of Maaza during the process, and in the end, serves the dish with some generous helpings of aam and a dash of Maaza on the side.

    The video has been viewed over 120k times and has gotten several reactions. Netizens were absolutely horrified at the concoction. Some shared angry comments on why their favourite fruit was included in Maggi.

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