• Mother's Day 2022: 7 meaningful activities to surprise your mom on the special day


    You can also consider this guideline to plan something unusual rather than waiting until the last minute.

    Digital Desk: This year, Mother's Day falls on May 8. If you haven't marked the date on your calendar yet, you should do it right now. Mother's Day is observed worldwide to honour moms and mother-like figures in our lives.  One can plan a surprise for thier mother by organizing an activity that she would enjoy. You can also consider this guideline to plan something unusual rather than waiting until the last minute.

    This collection includes ideas that will require a joint effort, involve your entire family, and provide ample opportunities for bonding. We're talking about giving your mother your time and doing things together. So, if you're interested, here are seven thoughtful things you may do to surprise your mother on Mother's Day.

    Make an addition to the garden

    If your mother enjoys gardening, there is no better gift than making your backyard more lovely. Start by giving them a fresh flower, plant, or herb sapling and a handwritten care guidelines chart. It will demonstrate that you genuinely care about making their day unique. Furthermore, the plants will undoubtedly remind them of you when they blossom. You can also spend the entire day with your mother, helping them in the garden, planting new saplings, removing weeds, watering the plants, etc. 

    Schedule a Massage  Appointment

    A full hour of isolation combined with a pleasant massage will appeal to your mum. You can also choose from a variety of spa facilities. Furthermore, some providers will come to you for a personalized experience. So, what are you waiting for? Make an appointment.

    Assist them in pursuing their passion

    Our mothers are either at work or at home for most of the day. They never have the opportunity to relax by doing things they enjoy, such as dancing, singing, yoga, playing instruments, running, etc. If you know an activity your mother has wanted to do for a long time, register them in a class or purchase an online program and encourage them to undertake it. It will surely make them smile.

    Go for a movie or game night

    Movie nights or game nights are both quality time spent together. So gather your family and participate in this activity as a family. Try interactive choices like charades, internet quiz games, or board games if you pick a game night. Pick your mother's favourite movie and prepare everything ahead of time, from supper to popcorn to after-show treats, if it's a movie night.

    Plan hiking with your family

    On Mother's Day, plan to take them on an outdoor hike. It will allow them to relax in nature while also allowing them to disconnect from their phones and spend quality time with you. If it's their first time hiking, choose a moderate or easy trail. Nature walks can also assist in alleviating the harmful consequences of stress.

    Plan a vacation or staycation at your mother's favourite location 

    If you and your mother want to go on a trip for a long time, or if your mother has always wanted to visit a destination but has never had the opportunity, now is the perfect time to do it. Plan a quick trip to their favourite spot and watch their face light up. If you're planning a staycation, you might as well book all of the pleasant activities available, such as massages, cooking classes, or poolside relaxation.

    Cook or bake together

    Cooking is a wonderful activity for bringing people together. Try something new or plan for a gourmet cuisine that your mum has been craving. Gather all of the supplies and wear your chef's hat for some kitchen fun.

    So, what are your plans for Mother's Day this year? Write in the comment section...


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