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Massive fire outbreak in Duliajan amid Diwali celebrations

Duliajan: On the eve of the Diwali celebrations, a massive fire broke out in the early morning hours at Bordubi near Duliajan. The fire broke out in Bordubi Bazar, which is a daily market in the region.

As per sources, four business establishments and a house in the market were gutted in the fire. In addition, the devastating fire damaged property worth lakhs of rupees.

Duliajan Oil India, BCPL, and Tinsukia fire brigade fire tenders are under fire control at the scene. The fire is presumed to have been caused by a short circuit in the market region. However, the exact cause of the incident is yet to be certain. 

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As per reports, the market’s textile shop Dharam Pal, Asif Khan, Papu Ghosh’s business company, were gutted in the fire. These shops were among the famous establishment in the region, which were worth lakhs of rupees.

Additionally, a devasting fire broke out in the railway colony of Panbazar on Thursday. As per sources, the fire spread over a large area and led to the destruction of many houses in the railway colony. 



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