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#MeToo: National Award-Winning Filmmaker Trisha alleges of being sexually harassed multiple times

Mumbai: Trisha Das, author, and National Award-winning documentary filmmaker say that she was sexually harassed in her earlier days at the workplace. #MeToo movement has changed the view of people and in the last five years a progressive change has occurred and courtesy should be given to this movement says, Trisha.

“Back in the day when I was working as a documentary filmmaker, I was sexually harassed multiple times. But it was a fairly common practice at the workplace and women would look out for other women to comfort each other and protect each other.” “There were no social media where someone can share their story, so there was no accountability also. Remaining silent after facing such harassment was also common…men had no fear of repercussion. Social media and constant conversation around sexual harassment at the workplace, and the #MeToo movement has created the momentum.”

She adds, “While it is empowering for women, I hope this movement does not get politicized.” Asked about why she did not openly share her story of #MeToo and Trisha replied, “those men were not renowned, I am not in touch with any of them, I do not even know where they are now! Back then we were not on social media or on WhatsApp that I could track them down.” “Having said that, I am glad how the situation has changed now. If men changed their behaviour knowing that there is a possible repercussion, even if there is a change in thoughts out of that fear, it is good; it reduces the amount of sexual harassment at the first place. That too is good!”



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