• 64 killed, 180 injured in a major airstrike in Ethiopia

    64 killed, 180 injured in a major airstrike in Ethiopia

    Ethiopia: At least 64 people have been reported killed while 180 others reported injured in a major airstrike that struck a market area in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region.

    The Ethiopian military admitted carrying out the attack but said that it had targeted rebel outfits, not civilians.

    “The air strike was in the market area, so many, many people were injured,” said Mulu Atsbaha, an advisor to the Tigray regional administration on maternal and child health.

    Survivors spoke of huge devastation as aerial explosions tore through the busy market around 1 pm, killing and injuring dozens, reducing nearby homes to rubble and burying people under the ruins.

    But Ethiopia’s military spokesman said rebel fighters dressed in civilian clothes, gathered in Togoga to celebrate “Martyr Day”, were attacked.

    “We do not accept that this operation targeted civilians,” Colonel Getnet Adane told AFP.

    “It is a clear fact that both the remnants of the TPLF and its militia dress in civilian clothes,” he said, referring to the renegade former regional leadership.

    The attack came as vote counting was under way following Monday’s national elections in Ethiopia.