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National Press Day 2021: How independent press seems in a democracy?

Guwahati:  National Press Day is marked on November 16, every year. This day is observed to honor and acknowledge the Press Council of India (PCI) establishment in 1966.

The day signifies the presence of an autonomous and effective press in India. The day is intended at highlighting the significance of an independent press and its obligations towards society. The Press Council of India started functioning on this day.

Media is considered the fourth pillar of democracy. It is considered that journalists are the mirror of society. Media employing truth and fact behind any adverse condition tries to reveal the truth. 

The Press Council of India plays a vital role in keeping a healthy democracy in the nation. It additionally guarantees that any external matter does not affect the press in India.

Considering now, the model of democracy asks how far the media celebrates freedom in today world. Lately, journalists have felt the conspiracies and unjust claims for performing duties and bringing truth to the people.

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Lately, the Indian Women’s Press Corps (IWPC) and Network of Women in Media India has strongly condemned the police of Tripura for the arrest of two young women journalists.

As per sources, both the young journalists went to Tripura for reporting a story on the recent communal incidents in the state. So, the duo was first detained in a hotel in Agartala and then allowed to leave. Later, the Tripura police detained them from Assam.

The complaint was regarding a story that the two journalists reported about a burnt mosque in Gomati district, and a copy of the Quran was damaged. Police alleged that the videos uploaded by her were falsified, a claim that the journalists have refused. 

“Editors Guild condemns this action and demands their immediate release and restoration of their freedom to travel,” the EGI said in a statement.

Earlier, Journalist Rana Ayyub took to Twitter to share screenshots of the several rape and death threats she has recieved for covering stories that attack the false side.

Such instances often occur in the democracy of India, so this should be watched within a serious spectrum of truth and obligations. May the truth prevails in all divisions. The prevailing truth and true journalism should also be supported to show how a nation works in a democracy.

The press is not only free. Also, it is powerful. That power is ours. It is the proudest that man can enjoy. 



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