• Any individual can arrest proclaimed offender, says HC

    Any individual can arrest proclaimed offender, says HC

    New Delhi: Delhi Court states that any private person can arrest a proclaimed offender and hand it over to the nearest police station without needless delay.

    Justice JR Midha set down the guidelines to be followed by courts and the follow-up action taken by law enforcement agencies before listing a person as a “proclaimed offender.”

    The High Court ordered the Delhi Police, including the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), to establish up a specific cell to connect their portable or fixed assets and track “proclaimed offenders” to stop them. This particular cell will be implemented within four weeks, the court-ordered.

    “This is a grave omission, given that the criminal law, which comes into motion with the filing of an FIR, abruptly lapses which is against the most basic principles of justice and an irreparable loss to the entire society, including the victims.” causes,” it stated.

    As per the most advanced status statement offered by the Delhi Police, there are 26,532 ‘proclaimed offenders’ as of September 31, 2019, out of which 3,826 have been detained, the government has been initiated upon 1,601, and assets worth 28 have been attached.

    Justice Midha said the names, addresses, and photographs of “proclaimed criminals” will be presented on several government websites such as Delhi Police, NCRB, CBI, and other state police.