• BJP leader's charred body found in his burnt car trunk: Telangana


    Telangana: Sensation prevailed in Telangana after a former BJP leader and Businessman V. Srinivas Prasad's charred body was found inside his car's trunk on Tuesday. The vehicle in which V. Srinivas Prasad'sbody was found, was burnt upon the police reaching the incident site.

    "In the early hours of a day, Srinivas was set on fire along with his car. After receiving information about the fire, we have noticed that Srinivas' body was lying in the car's trunk," said Chandana Deepti, Superintendent of Police of Medak District.

    The body of Prasad has shifted to the local government hospital for Post Mortem Examination. Further information is awaited. The police suspect Srinivas was put inside the trunk and then his car was burnt by miscreants. An investigation has been initiated in this regard.

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