• Bloody Revenge: Monkeys kill 250 dogs after pup kills monkey baby


    Mumbai: In a bizarre incident reported from Maharashtra’s Beed district, a group of enraged monkeys killed around 250 dogs in a month, in a supposedly ‘revenge’ behavior after a puppy killed a monkey baby.

    As per eye witnesses, the group of monkey have been on a rampage of killing the puppies since last month. They would drag the canines to the top of buildings and trees, and then drop them.

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    The residents of the village contacted the forest department about the incident and requested them to catch the monkeys in the area. The forest department officials came one day but left after they failed to catch the monkeys.

    A resident of the village alleged that his puppy was taken away by a monkey about a fortnight ago, Lokmat reported. As the puppy started screaming, the villager was able to rescue his pet. The villager then broke the leg of the monkey in order to save his dog.

    As per reports, the villagers claim that the monkeys are on a revenge spree, after some dogs killed a baby monkey after which the monkeys started killing the dogs in the area in the horrific manner, villagers said.

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    The locals say that there are hardly any dogs left in the village but the monkeys have not stopped. The primates have started targeting school-going children, according to a report. The attacks have created panic among the residents of the village.

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