• Congress MP Ripun Bora protest against the Price Hike by riding a Bicycle with banners to the parlia


    Ripun Bora, former Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) President and MP on Thursday protested against the price rise in fuel by riding a bicycle with banners to the parliament. Ripun Bora said, “We have been demanding a discussion in the Parliament on the hike in prices of all essential commodities. Being an MP, if we are not allowed a discussion in the Parliament, then, where will we raise such issues.”

    The rise in the petrol price has affected our lives to a large extent. The uprising price of petrol and diesel is reaching new heights in the country. It has been hiked by more than 50 times since May. In the current pandemic situation, already the earning of people has slowed down, increased rate of petrol price is surely hindering the lives of common people. Already the Congress party is repeatedly protesting against the price hike in fuel and essential commodities. In June, INC had held a 10-day nationwide agitational programme against the skyrocketing fuel prices. "Moved by the plight of the people already suffering on account of the Covid pandemic, rampant unemployment, and salary cuts, the Congress party has decided to launch nationwide agitation programs at Block, District and State levels," read a statement by the party.

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