• Congress questioned Center to give an account of Rs 26 lakh crore earned from petrol and diesel


    The price of petrol was increased by 50 paise per litre, and diesel by 55 paise per litre, bringing the total increase in rates since the commencement of daily price revisions less than a week ago to Rs 3.70-3.75 per litre.

    Digital Desk: After raising price of petrol and diesel for the fifth time in the previous six days, Congress slammed the government on Sunday, demanding the account for Rs 26 lakh crore generated through  over the last eight years. "I will tell with all my might," said Randeep Surjewala, Congress's chief spokesperson. In eight years, the company made a profit of Rs 26,00,000 crore from tax evasion price on diesel and petrol. Quiet for 137 days to manipulate elections, then plundered Rs 3.75 per litre on petrol and diesel in less than six days? He also shared an old video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in which the opposition was encouraged to blame the drop in price of petrol and diesel on his luck. "Now, due to whose 'unfortunate' and malignancy,' the public is obliged to shoulder the expense of inflation?" Surjewala remarked, tagging the video. According to Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera, the government delayed the hike for a few days because of Rahul Gandhi's announcement that petrol prices would rise after the elections. According to Khera, Congress is the only political party that has made it a public issue rather than a campaign issue. "Where is the Rs 26 lakh crore received through excise duty on petroleum and diesel?" Kheda said. The people of the country have a right to know. The price of petrol in the national capital Delhi has now climbed from Rs 98.61 per litre to Rs 99.11 per litre. According to a price announcement published by the public sector petroleum marketing organisations, the price of diesel has gone from Rs 89.87 per litre to Rs 90.42 per litre. Petrol and diesel prices have risen across the country; however, prices vary by state and are influenced by municipal levies. Also Read : Bharat Bandh today and tomorrow: Banking, transport to get affected

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