• DADS will help retrieve students missing documents

    DADS will help retrieve students missing documents

    In a major respite for students who have lost their documents or were unfortunately mutilated due to unavoidable circumstances, the recently developed in-house portal named DADS (Duplicate Academic Document System) from the IT department gives students a privilege to avail CBSE’s latest duplicate academic documents.

    CBSE receives many requests from students for duplicate copies of their academic documents either because they are lost or are mutilated. Till now, these students used to approach the concerned regional offices in person, apply on a prescribed form and deposit the required fees in the banks, or alternately send forms and bank drafts by post.

    But with the recently-developed portal, DADS, students can do all that from the comfort of their homes during the prevailing Covid-19 situation.

    This safe, quick and viable solution will help to reduce human contact and cut short the travel, time, and energy spent by students and parents who can now obtain duplicate mark sheets, passing certificates, migration certificates through this online portal.

    Regional Offices, on receipt of the applications, will print academic documents and dispatch them through speed post. A tracking system will enable the students to trace the status of the application and the dispatched details.

    This portal will give the option to students for both digital copy as well as a printed copy of the academic document to choose from.

    Inputs: India Today