• Delhi Government: New excise policy to be uploaded today

    Delhi Government: New excise policy to be uploaded today

    The government's submission came on a petition by the liquor traders association seeking direction to the Aam Aadmi Party government to make public the new Excise Policy.

    The court was also informed that the last date of submission of bids for the tender floated by the government is July 12.

    Considering the submissions, Justice Rekha Palli said no order is called for and the petition is disposed of by binding the authorities to their statement.

    The Policy Stated that despite floating the tender publicly based on the approved new Excise Policy 2021-22 for Delhi, the policy is yet to be made public or available on the internet or government's website and as per the schedule of the tender, the last date for the pre-bid queries is July 5.

    The plea, alleged while the pre-bid meeting is scheduled to be held on July 6, and the submission of the e-bid is between July 12 to 20.

    To prepare financially viable and attractive e-bids for the tender, the approved new policy must be made available to all prospective stakeholders and the public in general, it said.

    Inputs: NDTV