• Doctors write to authorities on why schools should reopen now

    Doctors write to authorities on why schools should reopen now

    The education sector has been one of the most affected sectors since the COVID-19 outbreak in India in March 2020. Students and teachers have suffered the most, with online classes becoming the 'new normal' during the pandemic-induced lockdown.

    Raising concerns of the prevailing situation of the education sector, especially students staying confined in their homes with their smartphones and laptops, more than 55 doctors, professionals, and academicians have written to the central authorities to look into the matter.

    The professionals and doctors have forwarded their concerns to the CM’s, PMO, Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Union Minister of Education, and National Disaster Management authority on ‘Why schools should be re-opened, and primary schools should be given the main focus.

    The letter containing the concerns has been signed by various doctors and academicians of educational institutions of the country.

    The National Coalition on the Education Emergency, an alliance of organizations and individuals to build awareness of the costs of closure of schools, has given their support in the letter.

    They have even provided suggestions on the safe re-opening of schools.

    The letter also states that school closure is not justifiable, especially for younger children, who are at the lowest risk of getting infected by COVID-19 and are bearing the maximum cost due to the closure of schools.