• Epitome of Religious Harmony: Hindu family taking care of a mosque for 50 years

    Digital Desk: In a remarkable example of religious peace from West Bengal's North 24 Parganas, a Hindu family from Barasat has been caring for a mosque for more than 50 years. Amanati Masjid is the name of the mosque. Deepak Kumar Bose of Barasat, North 24 Parganas, and his son Deepak Kumar Bose are shining instances of Hindu-Muslim coexistence in society. The repair work in the mosque was done by the Bose family, and the entire family has been taking care of it for the last 50 years. Deepak Bose, the mosque's caretaker, goes there every day. Every day before prayer, he comes to the mosque and cleans the passageways so that people may say Namaz peacefully. Amanati Masjid is located in the Hindu majority neighbourhood of Nabopalli. Also Read: Five killed in road accident while on the way to Medaram Jatara festival The Bose family swapped their property in Khulna for land in North 24 Parganas in 1964. There was a modest mosque there at the time. Many individuals were against the mosque and advocated for its destruction. The Bose family, on the other hand, objected, claiming that it is a holy site. Deepak Bose, the mosque's custodian, said that it was then that they chose to construct the mosque, and that their family has been caring for it ever since. According to Deepak Bose, many people now come to the mosque to worship. People not just from the neighbourhood but also from other villages and locations come here to offer Namaz. He also stated that they had appointed an Imam to perform Azaan. Partha Sarathi Bose, Deepak Bose's son, claims that no one has ever protested to the Hindu family i.e the Bose family's upkeep of the mosque. He claims that because there are no mosques within a two-kilometer radius, many people come here to pray. Imam Sharafat Ali, a Muslim, stated that he has been inviting people to come here for Azaan since 1992 and has received no threats from the locals.

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