• Girl weeps on video over father's killing in Srinagar; says 'they were laughing'


    Srinagar: How cruel can terrorism turn out to be. Who will be questionable for the death of common citizens? 

    A video shared by a young girl whose father was killed in an anti-terror operation goes viral on the internet. The nation weeps along with her as she shares the tragic incident that led to her father's death.

    In a widely-shared video, 13 -year-old daughter tearfully described the moment she came to know about her father's death.

    "My chachu (uncle) got a call around 10 am and he started crying...I was at home...and I heard sounds of shouting and screaming...I ran away. I was praying to Allah," she said with eyes full of tears.

    She added, " "My cousin- who is a witness- told me that my father was picked up thrice - twice he was released. And the third time, he was killed. What is the meaning of this? Also, other witnesses were also killed - what is this?"

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    The video got intense as she shared, "I tell them - uncle how can you think my father is this...They laugh at me - what response can I give them? They were laughing...They were shamelessly laughing at me. What could I say to them?"

    The death of Mohammad Altaf Bhat, a businessman, and four others in an anti-terror operation at a commercial complex in Srinagar bring crucial concern among the public. So, police said that a Pakistani terrorist and his accomplices had been killed.

    Initially, police stated that the terrorists shot the deceased. However, they have later claimed that the incident might have taken place during a crossfire.

    No one knows who is exactly responsible for the death of the businessman. Allegations have been made by both police and also the family members. 

    Family members alleged that security forces shot both businessmen. Moreover, they claimed that the police denied handing over their bodies, citing law and order problems.

    Political leaders, including former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, have raised questions over the encounter in Srinagar.

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