• Haryana Man impersonating as CBI inspector arrested, fake ID card recovered


    New Delhi: Man pretending to be a CBI inspector gets arrested in New Delhi by the Delhi Police on Independence Day.

    On the occasion of Independence Day, the staff of the Kishangarh police station was instructed to tighten the security in that area and extra force was deployed for obvious security reasons.

    On Sunday morning, a person riding a bullet was stopped by the police in Aruna Asaf Ali Road. The man tried to escape and he was stopped using barricades.

    The man was found out to be under the influence of Alcohol.

    When questioning him at the location the man showed the police a CBI identity card to get away without paying any fine but the police found out that his ID card was fake.

    The police arrested him and after interrogation, he admitted that the identity card was fake and he made it on the computer with the help of Google. He used the identity card to skip the police when he was stopped for any reason.

    The accused is a permanent resident of Jhajjar in Haryana and currently resides in Kishangarh. He works as a commission agent for taxi trips and property rentals

    The accused has been identified as Rakesh Kumar Yadav and all his documents have been seized by the police.

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