• India’s first space tourist is all set to travel outer-space

    India’s first space tourist is all set to travel outer-space

    Santhosh George Kulangara will be the first space tourist to travel outer space. Kulangara, the 49-year old traveled 130 countries and documented his experience for Malayalis across the world. Now he is all set to become the first space tourist by booking his seat back in 2007 through a proposed paid commercial space flight which is to be launched by Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic. Kulangara is all pumped up about his journey following the space trips made by Branson earlier this month and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos on Tuesday.

    Following up his trip, Kulangara said, “Branson’s trip indicates that the stage is set for the launch of the commercial flights, for tourist like me.” He also said that “ People don’t know whether earth will be a safe place to reside in another 100 years. The climate changes and pandemics are just indications of things to come, So colonization will start in other planets soon”. 

    Kunlangara had booked his seat for $2.5 lakh when people knew little about the project. “Commercial space flights were just a distant hope at that time. But I have been waiting since then”. Kunlangara visited the Virgin Galactic’s space sports at Mojave desert in the US and New Mexico for flight training: Zero gravity, G-tolerance, etc. The expenses for training were added to additional. 

    Further, Santosh began his solo journeys across the globe with a video camera in 1997. This made him a famous face for showing out the places through his camera. Santhosh is also planning to travel outer space with this video camera, and he feels that he will be a medium to show the out space to 130 crore people. So he asked for permission to take the camera into outer space. People like Santhosh become an inspiration and a medium to other for showcasing new and interesting things.

    Input: TOI