• Indian Army develop operating systems to manage their devices more efficiently in higher altitudes


    Leh: The shielded soldiers in Easter Ladakh have developed their approved operating systems to manage their devices more efficiently at elevations. The elevations varying from 14,000 feet to 17,000 feet in the region. 

    This initiative has come into effect more than a year following the Indian Army began massively expanding its tanks in the area.

    The Indian Army began drawing the T-90 Bhishma and T-72 Ajay tanks forward with the B.M.P. range Infantry Combat Vehicles from the sands and fields in a great approach to these high altitude places from last year. 

    The start of Operation Snow Leopard is to counter the Chinese attack in easterly Ladakh last summer.

    "We have previously spent a year in the Eastern Ladakh at these hills enduring temperatures up to -45 degrees. As a result, we have developed our S.O.P.s to run the tanks in these temperatures and severe areas," an Army official stated.

    Notwithstanding the ease at some places like Pangong lake and Gogra tops, both sides sustain troops in considerable numbers along the Line of Actual Control.

    The Indian Army has further extended its services in these regions with tanks and I.C.V.s to prevent any warning or difficulty at these heights.

    Last year, the Indian Army formed a huge foundation to strengthen its tank actions, including tank protectors that bypass parking the machines open throughout winters.

    "The pressure is immediately on the support of these tanks as severe winters can influence the rubber and different components. But, if we can manage these tanks properly, we can utilize them here for very long-drawn," they stated.

    The Indian Army had begun enlisting men and machines in huge numbers following the Chinese aggressively shifted to areas such as the Finger space and the Galwan plain in easterly Ladakh in May 2020.

    The Indian Army's persistent efforts in the region prevented the Chinese from functioning aggressively further. The incident witnessed violent conflicts in the Galwan river channel.

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