• Karachi Among Top 10 Stressful Cities to Live in

    Karachi Among Top 10 Stressful Cities to Live in

    Berlin: German company VAAY has listed Pakistan’s Karachi city among the world’s top 10 most stressful urban centres to live in as per the report.

    Geo News reported that the index is curated by analyzing 15 major stress indicators which include governance, environment, finance and security.

    Moreover, the list claims that the cities are chosen in accordance with their size and significance as well as for the availability of comparable and reliable information.

    Karachi has been ranked number 93 in the list which is slightly better than Baghdad (94), Kabul (95) and Moscow (96).

    On the other hand, Iceland’s capital Reykjavik tops the list as the least stressful city, followed by Bern, Helsinki, Wellington, Melbourne, Oslo, Copenhagen, Innsbruck, Hannover and Graz.

    Inputs: ANI