• Kerala MLA MK Muneer receives death threat over Facebook post against Taliban

    Kerala MLA MK Muneer receives death threat over Facebook post against Taliban

    Kerala: Senior Muslim League MLA and former Kerala minister M K Muneer received an anonymous threat letter over his Facebook post against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

    The said letter threatened M K Muneer with dire consequences if he failed to pull down his post from Facebook within 24 hours. The letter also mentioned one Joseph Sir, a local teacher whose palm was chopped off by the Popular Front of India (PFI) activists, for posting a similar post about the Taliban on Facebook. The letter was posted from the Government Medical College area in Thiruvananthapuram, said reports.

    However, Muneer said that he would stick to his stand against the Taliban. Muneer’s Facebook post read, “The Taliban has a regressive political ideology of discrimination, extremist fundamentalism, and discrimination that does not respect human rights. All Such extreme anti-human and anti-women politics kept forward in the name of caste, religion, all such ideologies are dangerous and a hindrance to the free life of people. At any level of faith, Taliban is inhumane and needs to be opposed."

    M K Muneer said that “I received an anonymous letter threatening me. The letter demands that I should withdraw my face post against the Taliban within 24 hrs.

    Failing to which, they threaten that I would face the same fate as Joseph sir (his hand was chopped off by PFI activists over a question paper issue). ‘You and your family would suffer. You do not have any right to speak about women, if so you can do that at home. We will decide how a woman should live. This is the basic content of the letter."

    The Indian Union Muslim League leader had come under severe online attack for the anti-Taliban post last week.