• Kinnaur landslide: Death Toll Climbs to 28 as 3 more bodies recovered


    Shimla: The death toll reaches 28 as 3 more bodies were recovered by the rescuers on the seventh day of rescue operations of the Kinnaur District Landslide in Himachal Pradesh.

    “Three more bodies have been traced in the rubble and it would take three to four hours to retrieve them,” said Kinnaur deputy commissioner Abid Hussain Sadiq

    The rescuers were unable to locate a car that went missing after the landslide and the people in the car were also unknown.

    A survey was done by the experts of the Geological Survey Of India on Sunday and they have suggested ways to deal with the difficulties.

    The rescue team has managed to save 13 people and they have been admitted at Community Health Centre (CHC) Bhawanagar

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