• Madhya Pradesh: Man thrash girlfriend to death with stone, puts chilli powder on her private part


    Madhya Pradesh: A man thrashes his girlfriend to death by using a stone and applying chilli powder on her private part in Jabalpur district, Madhya Pradesh.

    The accused, identified as Pappu Gadhewal, fled from the spot after committing the crime but was later caught by the police.

    The police report said the body of the victim, identified as Shalini, was found inside the house of the accused.

    Additional SP Gopal Khandel stated, “Near the body of the deceased, a stone was lying with traces of blood on it. The victim head was hit by the stone. Moreover, chilli powder was put on her private part.”

    “From the crime place we also found a paper, on which it was written ‘Pyaar Mei Dhokha’ along with the name Veera,” added the police officer.

    Upon further investigation, the police found that Shalini used to have a conversation with a person Veera.

    People informed the police that both Pappu and Shalini used to stay together.

    During cross-questioning, Pappu revealed that he had killed the Shalini.

    “The accused stated that even after asking her several times not to talk with others, she didn’t stop of talking with other men, following which he planned to kill her.” said the police officer.

    “In the murder night, when she was sleeping, he killed her by hitting in her head with a stone, after killing her he went to his work as usual.” added Khandel.

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